Vocational_StudentCulture is based on a child feeling they have something they can accomplish after the completion of school, such as in the workforce.  Charis supports students through curriculum and a Vocational Education program.

The Vocational Education program helps students develop pre-employment skills in addition to skills to be sustainable in the workforce. All students that attend Charis will realize that they are significant people and can become successful. Vocational Education is working with all of the youth at Charis on their professional portfolio.

Vocational_GuidanceThe professional portfolio project includes first taking the Career Decision Making assessment.After taking the assessment, students research two jobs that they are interested in and then write a career proposal essay on one of those jobs. After completing their career proposal essay, the students begin working on their letter of introduction and cover letter. The students then each create a resume and practice filling out job applications.

Finally, students complete practice interviews with the Vocational Education Teacher and then with the Charis Personnel Department. When the project is finished, the students compile all completed work along with examples of school work and awards they have received into their portfolio, which they take with them. Throughout the program all students are completing units on various job and life skills.

For the older students that are closer to transition, the program is continued by assisting them in obtaining legal documents such as a social security card and CA identification card as well as helping them fill out financial aid or other government program applications. Finally, the Vocational Education department helps students research housing options available in their community.