School Mission Statement
The Mission of Charis Youth Center Non-public School (NPS), in partnership with families and communities, is to achieve a level of excellence in teaching and learning which will enable emotionally-challenged students with serious mental illness to become knowledgeable, productive, ethical, and successful citizens.

TBS1School Vision Statement
Charis Youth Center Non-public School will provide educational, vocational, and career development services to emotionally challenged youth with severe mental illness diagnoses. In order to meet the diverse needs of the student population, teachers manage their classroom learning environments to identify each student’s strengths and learning growth needs. Individualized instructional plans are designed for each student to target specific learning deficits through motivational learning experiences, multi-level and multi-modality instruction, technological instructional support, high interest and challenging materials with supportive mental health and teaching assistance to accomplish successful learning. Successful students become lifelong learners and taskmasters of their life’s journey. Charis Youth Center will assist each student to maximize their potential to fulfill their Individual Education Plan with the intention of acquiring a high school diploma. Each student will create, explore, and practice their career vision for becoming a productive citizen in society by developing their Student Portfolio and experiencing workability options in the community. Opportunities for higher education and specific vocational skills will be explored and supported through higher learning institutes and supported work placements.

School Belief Statement
Charis Youth Center Non-public School is committed to principle-based practices, which enhance the lives of the youth and families served. The programs provide individualized services emphasizing mental health, physical health, competence, and relationships. Charis believes that all youth must have a sense of belonging and learn to create trusting relationships with significant adults and peers. Our efforts will strive to help our students achieve high standards or successes academically, socially, and personally. We will ensure that all students have a broad range of experience in the community. Whether our students return home to parents, move on to less restrictive settings in the system of care, or transition to independent living on their own as young adults, our work will be focused on helping them achieve the confidence and skills to function independently. Our work will be performed in such a way that each of our students will be able to give of themselves to contribute to their community because they know others value them. They will be able to give and receive with Grace… they’re known as Charis.