I am pleased to announce that I have accepted the position of Executive Director for Charis Youth Center, after having served on the Board of Director’s for four years. In my time here it has become abundantly clear Charis has a very dedicated group of people working very hard each day to provide the best possible services to the youth in our care. Actually, I always knew this to be true, but now I have experienced it first-hand.

As I think about these events, it is very interesting how life can throw you curve balls or take you down unexpected roads. I first worked for Charis from 1988-1993, and I ended up working in most of the positions Charis had available at that time. It is very interesting, to say the least, to be working for Charis again, some 25 years later. During my 25-year hiatus, I worked in the insurance industry for some big corporations and some small companies, managing teams and departments.

I have truly enjoyed getting to know the staff and youth we serve over the last few months, and I look forward to continuing to do so as time goes on.

I am excited about this next season for Charis. We can certainly take a moment to look back briefly over our 35-year history but then look forward to tackle the new challenges coming our way – all while focusing on delivering the best we can for the kids in our care and new beginnings in 2019.

Don E. Beskeen
Executive Director
Charis Youth Center